Junior High Wrestling: Reed-Custer Wrestling comes off Busy, Successful Week

by Scott R Schultz

Junior High Wrestling: Reed-Custer Wrestling comes off Busy, Successful Week

After picking up a road win against Richland on Tuesday, and capturing a dual-meet win over Marseilles and Troy on Thursday, the Reed-Custer Wrestling Panthers wrapped up their action-packed week hosting the Panther Invitational at RC Fieldhouse on Saturday. 

Panther Invitational Tournament - the tournament was made up of 16 quality middle school teams from all around the state of Illinois.  The Panthers had 15 place-winners out of 19 weight classes. 

Place-winners included:

8th Place: 75lbs Dakota Gille, 105lbs Ethan Mann
6th Place: 80lbs Seth Billingsley, 119lbs Rex Pfeifer, 167lbs Lennon Perona
5th Place: 85lbs Ethan Pfeifer, 90lbs Landon Markle
4th Place: 70lbs Sam Begler, 155lbs Ty Zier
3rd Place: 95lbs Ryan Tribble, 100lbs Brenden Tribe, 135lbs Noah Windsor, 275lbs Eric Housman
2nd Place: 215lbs Gunner Berg

2018 Panther Invitational Champion: 185lbs Kody Marschner

Reed-Custer Middle School took 4th as a team at take to the road to face Morris Shabbona Tuesday night.

In action on Thursday, the wrestling Panthers hosted Marseilles and Troy at RC Fieldhouse finishing the night with two dual victories. They defeated Marseilles 90-7 and Troy 59-33.  The Reed-Custer JV also had many matches against Troy and provided impressive performances.  These wins put the panthers team dual record at 6-1.

Reed-Custer 59 Troy 33
65lbs Boettger (T) Forfeit 0-6
70lbs Begler (RC) Dec. over Moldenado (T) 9-4  3-6
75lbs Morgan (T) Fall over Gille (RC) :58 3-12
80lbs Billingsley (RC) Maj. Dec. over Lukas (T) 11-1 7-12
85lbs Scwab (T) Dec. over E. Pfeiffer (RC) 6-0 7-15
90lbs Markle (RC) Fall over Groner (T) 1:34 13-15
95lbs Tribble (RC) Fall over Meza (T) 2:03 19-15
100lbs Parella (T) Dec. over Mann (RC) 7-4 19-18
105lbs Tribe (RC) OT Dec. over Milraney (T) OT 6-4 22-18
112lbs Arteaga (T) Forfeit 22-24
119lbs R. Pfeifer (RC) Maj. Dec. over Harris (T) 13-4 26-24
126lbs Z. Ceislak (RC) Fall over M. Hrvatin (T) 2:34 32-24
135lbs Windsor (RC) Dec. over Pullen (T) 4-2 35-24
145lbs Simulick (T) Dec. over Jo. Aylward (RC) 7-0 35-27
155lbs A. Hrvatin (T) Fall over Zier (RC) 1:30 35-33
167lbs Perona (RC) Forfeit 41-33
185lbs  Marschner (RC) Fall over J. Schmitt (T) 1:45 47-33
215lbs Berg (RC) Forfeit 53-33
275lbs Housman (RC) Forfeit 59-33

Reed-Custer 90 Marseilles 7
65lbs Double Forfeit 0-0
70lbs Begler (RC) Fall over Thomas (M) :17  6-0
75lbs Wheeler (M) Maj. Dec. over Gille (RC) 14-3 6-4
80lbs Billingsley (RC) Fall over Akin (M) 2:03 12-4
85lbs E. Pfeiffer (RC) Fall over Stanfil (M) 2:52 18-4
90lbs Markle (RC) Fall over Jansen (RC) :48 24-4
95lbs Helsing (RC) Forfeit 30-4
100lbs Mann (RC) Forfeit 36-4
105lbs Kuchar (RC) Forfeit 42-4
112lbs Double Forfeit
119lbs R. Pfeifer (RC) Fall over Reding (M) :36 48-4
126lbs Z. Ceislak (RC) Forfeit 54-4
135lbs Windsor (RC) Forfeit 60-4
145lbs Jo. Aylward (RC) Forfeit 66-4
155lbs Zier (RC) Fall over Schaefer (M) 2:29 72-4
167lbs Perona (RC) Forfeit 78-4
185lbs  Berg (RC) Forfeit 84-4
215lbs Bowie (RC) Forfeit 90-4
275lbs McInerney (M) Dec. over Housman (RC) 5-1 90-7

Back on Tuesday of last week, the wrestling panthers traveled to Crest Hill to take on Richland. The Panthers entered the dual with short preparation time due to snow, but still performed at a high level.  The team came out on top with a 78-15 victory, improving the Panthers to 4-1 on the season. 

Reed-Custer 78 Richland 15
65lbs Double Forfeit 0-0
70lbs Begler (RC) Forfeit 6-0
75lbs Double Forfeit 6-0
80lbs Billingsley (RC) Fall over Hillman (R) 1:30 12-0
85lbs Wojciak (R) Dec. over Eggleston (RC) 8-6 12-3
90lbs Markle (RC) Fall over Hillman (R) 2:02 18-3
95lbs Helsing (RC) Fall over Perez (R) 1:56 24-3
100lbs Tribe (RC) Fall over Harris (R) 1:20 30-3
105lbs Mann (RC) Fall over Harris (R) 2:07 36-3
112lbs Double Forfeit 36-3
119lbs R. Pfeifer (RC) Fall over Starmann (R) :40 42-3
126lbs J. Pfeiffer (RC) Fall over Huerta (R)  2:03 48-3
135lbs Windsor (RC) Fall over Nilsen (R) 2:26 54-3
145lbs Clark (R) Fall over Jo. Aylward (RC) 3:56 54-9
155lbs Hollis (R) Fall over Zier (RC) :44 54-15
167lbs Perona (RC) Fall over Cabral (R) 3:30 60-15
185lbs  Marschner (RC) Fall over Pehlke (R) :55 66-15
215lbs Berg (RC) Forfeit 72-15
275lbs Housman (RC) Forfeit 78-15

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